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      MT4 White Label Scheme

      "MetaTrader 4/5 White Label Customization" Solution Introduction

      Doo Prime strives to provide its partners with the exceptional "MetaTrader 4/5 White Label Customization" solution, which is dedicated to helping all organizations that want to grow their business achieve the most convenient and robust development path.

      The "MetaTrader 4/5 White Label Customization" solution is a one-stop solution that integrates genuine MetaTrader 4/5 license, hosting platform maintenance and technical support, and bank liquidity.

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      "MetaTrader 4/5 White Label Customization"

      The main advantage of the solution

      • More than 60 foreign exchange currency pairs, precious metals and CFDs, integrated in the same MetaTrader 4/5 platform interface

      • Branded MT4/5 platform, showing custom LOGO logo, company address, contact information

      • Connect to deep liquidity, minimum 0 point difference

      • Genuine MetaTrader 4/5 Exclusive Server License

      • Stable hardware throughout the Pacific coast

      • Access to a stable and powerful straight-through processing (STP) interbank trading environment

      • Robust and reliable business continuity plan and disaster recovery process

      • Doo Prime Professional Technical Team's 7*24 Hours Technical Service Support

      "MetaTrader 4/5 White Label Customization"

      Solution one-stop support service

      Global 30+ Server Deployment

      Professional technical team service

      CRM Customer Management System

      Mobile Clearing

      Stable Quote Service

      Stable Quote Service

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